• Terry Yacyshen - General Manager - Wainui Golf Course

    "For us to be able to utilise the Ventrac's stability in these areas is a game changer."

    "It's rare that you find a piece of equipment as versatile as the Ventrac."

    "We're able to go in and maintain areas that we wouldn't be able to touch otherwise."

    "We were able to get an acceptable cut on areas that were basically inaccessible prior…"

  • David Balfour - Lifestyler - Rotorua

    "We chose a Ventrac as it has excellent slope capabilities, good manoeuvrability, and fast, neat mowing, combined with excellent fuel economy." 

  • Mike - Turf Contractor - Papamoa

    "I'm the proud owner of the first Ventrac 4500 sold in New Zealand. I now operate two 4500's, and a 3200. They have increased by business with their speed, reduced maintenance, and fuel savings of a third over my previous diesel mowers. I'm also able to change attachments in just minutes."