• Ventrac MA900 Boom Mower

    This implement is designed to deliver unprecedented levels of efficiency to property managers to maintain difficult areas. The boom mower is efficient for mowing around water features, trimming hedges, clearing trails and more. The arm is easily operated from the SDLA hand control for a 142" reach vertically from the ground and 115" reach from the outside of single wheels. As always, it is easy to switch attachments in minutes to complete another job.

  • Ventrac KP540 Power Rake

    Designed to level rough ground and removing surface rocks and debris, the KP540 Power Rake is perfect for new yard installations. Its compact design allows the operator to work in tight quarters including around corners and edges.

    Hydraulic angling of the drum left or right moves material forward or to either side. Seventy-two replaceable carbide tips pulverize and refine the soil. The drum can also be reversed to allow back-dragging of soils. A rotating handle adjusts the height by up to 3 inches in ⅛ increments.

    Adjustable side wings can be lowered on both sides for routing material. 

  • Many more attachments in Stock…

    Commercial Outdoor Machinery imports a significant range of the 30+ available Ventrac attachments. To find just the right mower deck, powered broom, trencher, loader, boom mower, or other accessory for your job, contact our Ventrac Rep today.