Stump Grinders

  • RG25HD Mini-Workforce Self-propelled Stump Grinder

    For over 20 years, Rayco’s Mini Work-Force line has been a staple in the rental equipment market and with professional contractors looking for a compact stump cutter. The RG25HD is the largest model in the line up, powered by a 23 hp Kohler Command engine, featuring electric start and a Donaldson, dual element air cleaner. The RG25HD is self propelled, making it the best choice for traversing up and down hills, trailer ramps, mounded landscaping, etc. Large tires roll over chip piles and obstacles easier than competitors’ low-profile tires. The narrow profile of the RG25HD allows it to fit through 30” gates. Convenient handlebar adjustment allows operator to select height depending on the conditions. An electromagnetic clutch engages the cutter wheel at the flip of a switch. As with all Mini Work-Force models, the RG25HD has a powder coat finish and 2 year warranty.

  • RG45X Super Jr Self-Propelled Stump Grinder

    The RG45X puts together all the features customers want and fits them into a compact diesel stump cutter. Turbo diesel power, 4-wheel drive, and a hydraulic backfill blade, the RG45X comes in a self-propelled package that fits through a 36” gate. Operators appreciate the large cutting dimensions as well as visibility and protection of the swing-out control station. For travel through gates, the control station swings in line. Wide floatation tires and 4-wheel drive allow the RG45X to maintain traction in challenging conditions. A hydraulic backfill blade saves time during clean up, letting you get on to the next job. Available with optional wireless remote controls.

  • RG45 Trac Jr Self-propelled Stump Grinder

    The RG45 Trac Jr offers the ultimate in versatility and performance in a mid-sized stump cutter.  Excellent cutting power, radio remote controls, a hydraulic backfill blade, and expandable rubber tracks mean the RG45 Trac Jr can get to almost any stump and remove it quickly.  The extendable, rubber track undercarriage provides a stable, 50-inch wide, stance for cutting, while retracting to 35-inches to squeeze through backyard gates.  The long track base ensures stability and lowers ground pressure to tread lightly on delicate lawns.  Non-marking tracks are available.  The reliable, Kubota 44hp diesel engine provides plenty of muscle to tackle large stumps.  When it’s time to clean up, the hydraulic backfill blade easily pushes chips and soil to avoid raking.

  • RG74T-R Self-propelled Stump Grinder

    The Rayco RG74T-R is a high-production stump cutter powered by a massive 3.8L Cummins 74hp diesel engine that generates peak torque of 295ft-lbs. The large displacement diesel engine delivers more cutting power than most 100hp-class stump cutters and meets Tier 4 Final emissions without complex after-treatment systems.
    Features include retractable rubber track undercarriage retracts to fit through 36” gates, 2-Speed travel, Hydraulic backfill blade, and radio remote control.