• Boxer 120 Dedicated Trencher

    The completely restyled and redesigned Boxer 120 Trencher takes gasoline-powered compact trenching equipment to the next level, boasting up to 740 ft-lbs (1,003 N•m) of torque output for ample power in the toughest digging conditions. The 120 Trencher features many class-leading characteristics not found on competitive units. In a world of walk-behind trenchers, the 120 Trencher is the only unit designed as a ride-on unit, allowing better visibility to the trencher assembly and the job being completed. Another key feature is the ergonomically designed operator’s control station with all controls accessible for two-hand operation. The 120 Trencher is offered with a 6″ (15cm) wide combo chain and 24″ (61 cm) or 36″ (91 cm) bar options.