PTO Machines

  • CH9540H PTO Chipper

    The CH9540H is really the flagship model of the Bear Cat PTO range, you will see many of these on orchards around New Zealand, especially in larger avocado orchards. Also very popular with farmers as the CH9540H allows them to transform their wood waste into valuable calf bedding or garden mulch, instead of burning it. Some commercial contractors have even favoured this model as it is half the price of an engine powered equivalent.

    Handling logs up to 9" in diameter and plenty powerful enough to snap off tough side-branches, this chipper has a smart feed system that detects when the tractors engine revs drop too low, cutting the feed roller off until it has recovered before it resumes feeding again. It also has a 'Try Again' system - when a log jams, it automatically reverses the log back and re-feeds it.

    Rotating 360°, the 8” round discharge chute gives you accurate control over the chip flow produced. Inside the chipper is a 30 x 1" thick, dynamically balanced disc that weighs 275 pounds. This disc has 4 reversible chipper blades and cuts against an adjustable 4-sided anvil. The feed roller on the CH9540H is 15" in diameter, containing 10 knife blades for enhanced, powerful feeding. A hydraulic jack is mounted on the hydraulic feed system for ease of maintenance. Plate steel construction means solid performance for hundreds of hours, and enhanced maintenance from a hinged disc cover that provides wide open access to the chipper blades and disc.

    This chipper comes standard with Cat 1 pins which are best suited to tractors with Horsepower ratings from 35hp – 60hp. When demonstrating, give us advance notice of larger tractors when we demonstrate the unit as we will need to adjust the machine to suit Cat 2 pins.