Slope Mowers

  • 9600 Remote Controlled High Grass Mulching Mower

    An innovative Hybrid Drive Concept - Electric drives and powerful combustion engines.

    Agria’s 9600’s lightweight design combines rubber tracks and a low centre of gravity for efficient, high stability operation on steep slopes up to approx. 50° (120%).

    This zero-turn slope mower’s excellent mulching in either direction allows it to leave a less visible impact on mowed areas — even during the most aggressive manoeuvring.

    Easy-to-use, intuitive RF remote control unit makes operation simple, safe, and precise, with a 300-metre range. Precise control from the powerful and smooth step-less 48V DC Electric Drive.

    A reliable Briggs & Stratton petrol engine drives both the cutting blades and provides electric drive system power. Engineered with minimum operating fluids and permanent lubrication on all bearings means very low maintenance.